1. Purchaser agrees to total sale price and monthly installment amount as per advertised terms
  2. The Seller agrees to provide one induction stove based on the agreed installment payment terms without any incurred interest.
  3. Purchaser agrees to make all payments via bKash Merchant Account Number +8801313363800, via bKash App(mobile application) or USSD (by dialing *247#) putting PayGo Number in the reference field.
  4. The Purchaser is liable to pay the Seller the full sale price via agreed monthly installments. Should the Purchaser fail to make monthly installment payments ontime or cease making monthly installments then the Seller shall be within their rights to repossess the stove
  5. Should the Seller choose to repossess the stove due to late payments or cessation of payments by the Purchaser, the Seller is not liable to refund monthly installments made to date.
  6. In case of the Purchaser’s unforeseen death or inability to pay back their Credit to the Seller, the remaining family members of the Purchaser shall have an obligation to continue installment payments. In the worst case of the Purchaser’s family members not being able to pay the monthly installments, the Seller has a right to repossess the stove without any compensations and keeping any installments paid to date
  7. 3 years warranty with inclusions and exclusions as per Warranty Card provided with the stove
  8. Purchaser agrees for seller to collect live usage data include kWh and time, GPS and stove health for supporting customer service program
  9. In case of product return, the customer must inform the buyer within 5 days of receiving the product. In this case, customer will not get back the amount of cash on delivery;
  10.  If customer wants to return the product after 5 days of receiving the product, additional charges will be applied as per eCook product return policy;
  11. The company reserves all rights related to carbon credits or any other commercial usage of the data arising from the use of this eCook stove;
  12. eCook reserve the right to make any change and offer, include extra discount to customer without prior notice.